Whether it's about parking, access control, queue management or a smart city project, we always provide real solutions for your demands

Our team

Tibor Veszeli

Owner, managing director

Éva Veszeliné Révész

Financial expert

Sándor Rácz

Head of engineering



Attila Szita


Attila Szalma



Manager assistant

Attila Papp


Réka Szabados-Veszeli

Marketing consultant

About us

The power of experience

VECOSYS Ltd. has a history of more than 7 years, but the core of our team has an even longer past in the field of parking technology and access control systems. Over the years we have had to demonstrate our professional skill and preparedness in many projects and we have never missed the opportunity to prove our knowledge.

Ready for innovation

Acquired knowledge is a good foundation, but we can’t go forward without progress. Not only market demands, but expectations for ourselves also inspire us to find new solutions to existing problems or to strike our feet in areas where we have not been yet.

We focus on the client

No matter where we are, we never lose sight of the fact that our primary goal is to meet our customers’ expectations by providing real solutions to real problems. Whether it comes to rethinking previous ideas or fulfil requirements, we always offer a solution!

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