Wedding venue

Ground screws

VECOSYS built a wedding tent in an afternoon using ground screws

The challenge

It was required for a garden wedding to build a cover over the tables, to protect the guests both from the rain and the wind. It had to be done without concreting and leaving any damage in the garden. A construction that is quick to assemble and dismantle was needed.

The solution

Using Krinner ground screws, our team of 4 built the ‘tent’ and covered it with a waterproof tarpaulin in only one afternoon. Didaddemling also took only half a day – including the filling of the holes in the lawn. If you would take a look at the garden today, nothing would remember you to the construction.

“Although the construction of event venues is not part of our portfolio at all, we have undertaken the challenge because of my daughter’s wedding. It was easy to work with Krinner ground screws, and the result was massive and reliable. As we needed the construction no longer we dismantled it – which went quickly as well.” said Tibor Veszeli, Managing Director of VECOSYS


Quick to assemble and disassemble
Does not require concreting
Easy to fill up the hole it left – no permanent demage

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