Contactless payment

Parking technologies

Contactless payment option at the updated CITEA parking machines

The challenge

Győr-Szol decided to upgrade 5 of their solar panel equipped parking machines to accept PayPass / PayWave bank cards. This development aimed to raise customer satisfaction, reduce cash flow and minimize the loss of revenue and time caused by jammed coins.

The solution

In cooperation with Hectronic and Monera, VECOSYS has installed a mobile internet modem, card reader and controller and new firmware into the CITEA machines. The task took less than 1 hour per machine.

The number of tickets paid by card has been rising steadily since then, so Győr-Szol plans to upgrade further parking automats as well.

The same solution is already available in Balatonfüred and in Szolnok (the latter from 01.2019).

Image source: Győrplusz TV YouTube channel


More convenient payment for parking
Reduction of cash flow
Quick installation

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