Truck parking lot Tata

Access control systems

Automated solutions to maximize the comfort of the guests and minimize human labour

The challenge

The primary expectation was to automate the controlled entry/exit of the vehicles and the payment of the parking fees. Additionally, the system should be able to manage resident vehicles and allow customers to use the WiFi on the parking lot. Furthermore, we were requested to suggest a solution to provide one soup for free to the drivers with a valid daily ticket in the restaurant of the parking lot.

The solution

License plate recognition cameras, ticket dispensers and readers, automatic payment terminals and electric barriers have been installed. Due to the different sizes of the vehicles we’ve placed lower and upper terminals too. The license plate number of the resident vehicles had been added to the database (validity is free configurable), so for them the barrier opens automatically.

The drivers with a one-time ticket can get a soup for free at the restaurant, where a barcode reader controls the validity.

The payment of parking fee is possible in cash or by bankcard at the terminals, below 5.000 HUF by using the most modern contactless technology.

Data communication flows between the elements of the system via microwave databridges. At the same time, the one-time code protected WiFi network allows resting drivers to access the Internet.

In the parking area, security is provided by surveillance cameras and digital video recorders that are installed on public lighting candelabras.


Manage vehicles with one-time and yearly tickets without human labour

Provide a free soup for drivers with a daily ticket

Payment in cash and by bankcard

CCTV surveillance of the parking area

Wireless data communication network, without digging and laying cables

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