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Parking technologies

We offer various answers for the continuously increasing demand for modern parking systems: P&D machines equipped with modern payment methods, automated pay-on-foot systems for heavy traffic, parking bay sensors and displays, and its’ cloud-based remote management systems.

Smart City

Smart cities and modern customers require the latest solutions for smart parking. We are searching for and integrate the newest technologies, like modern sensors, vehicle identification systems, IoT and smartphone based traffic solutions, cloud-based data management and monitoring systems.

Access control systems

Identification of people or cars isn’t a problem anymore. We can provide you with fingerprint detection, radio-frequency identification, automatic number plate recognition or even more. We offer a wide range of turnstiles, barriers and retractable bollards for the management of physical access.

Queue management

Our queue management system helps organizations and businesses to reduce waiting times and improve customer satisfaction. The touch-screen based check-in terminal is freely programmable, modifications could be done quickly and easily. The large LCD display screen provides maximum visibility and comfort.​

traffic management

Our traffic light controller offers an adaptive solution which is able to operate based on the traffic flow. The modern vehicle detectors give almost a free hand for the engineers to organise traffic smoothly. These solutions can be used in an industrial environment, too. Our traffic lights are all equipped with up to date LED units.

tickets and consumables

We distribute a wide range of tickets, cards, RFID identifiers and cleaning supplies required for the operation of parking systems. We offer top quality blank, pre-printed, roll or leporello tickets. Cards and identifiers can be ordered with a unique design.

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